I do not like exercising in the gym at all – Pardeep Narwal

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Indian Kabaddi and Pro Kabaddi star Pardeep Narwal said that he absolutely does not like to exercise in the gym. Pardeep was associated with Bollywood actor Asmit Patel in his Ashfit Instagram Live series, where Pardeep Narwal did a lot of things like how he doesn’t like going to the gym and how to keep himself fit and what he eats.

Ashmit Patel asks Pardeep what he does and what he does to stay fit and fit. So Pardeep Narwal said that he runs two to two and a half kilometers in the morning and practices on mats in the evening. If it is now Lockdown, then practice it on the soil at home. Pardeep told that he likes to eat food at home and eat the same, no one can eat anything separately for protein. Pardeep only takes banana shake.

When Pardeep was asked that you go to the gym and lift weights, Pardeep said.

” I reduce gym weight so the body is tired in the gym, so I do not do well in the match, so I reduce gym weight. Those who are trainers sometimes get them done, but I do not like to go to the gym ”

Pardeep was asked whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, then Pardeep told that he is a vegetarian since childhood but sometimes he eats eggs. And Pardeep told that Ghee – Eat milk is enough; Haryana players eat more Ghee – only milk does not eat non-veg.


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